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Branching out from Clementi Market as a small butchery stall founded in the 1980s, Meat Pang continues the legacy left behind by senior Mr Pang to provide residents with the freshest beef at the most affordable prices. Keeping Mr Pang's promise to the residents near Clementi Market, Pang junior launched Meat Pang in 2021 to extend its reach into the digital space and to the rest of Singapore.


Otherwise known as the shoulder region of the beef, this is a thicker cut of meat due to the muscle fibers and connective tissues it contains. Soft and tender when slow-cooked to release its full flavour, beef shoulder has a slightly firm and chewy texture.


The upper section of the rib region and also where the tender ribeye steak is obtained from, the meat from this cut is great for roasting and are generally tender. Also obtained from the lower region of this section are the beef short ribs.


Also a prime cut like the filet mignon, it is firmer and boasts slightly more flavour, and is also slightly lean and chewy when cooked. A versatile cut that can be prepared in many ways, although we like ours roasted or simply pan-seared.


Where the familiar filet mignon is obtained from – a lean, boneless, and arguably most tender cut (as its name also suggests), it has a more subtle flavour than cuts like the flank. Also very versatile, it is suitable for grilling, roasting, among other cooking methods. Oh, and we offer it as a whole slab too!


The region of the rear leg of the cow, this cut is just as lean as the tenderloin, still boneless, but less tender. Our lean beef is obtained from this region, and great for stir-frying (sliced) with vegetables.


A tough but typically boneless cut of beef from the breast section (due to the connective tissues in it), you can consider marinating it overnight for added flavour. When slow-cooked, the connective tissue is broken down into a soft, gelatinous substance.


From the belly of the cow, the short ribs and hanger steak are obtained from this fairly fatty cut. Although this cut contains a lot of cartilage, we have removed it so they are ready for grilling.


Leaner than the plate region of the cow, this is a slightly tough, economical, and beefy-tasting cut due to its location close to the belly region. Marinate it well, and it becomes even more tender!


A slightly mild and fatty cut from the tongue of the cow that has the closest meaty taste as compared to other offal (internal organs), it can be soft if nicely slow-cooked or braised.


From the facial area of the cow (as its name suggests), this tough cut is known for its unique flavour and can be tender when slow-cooked. For easier preparation, we have removed the tough sinews and fats around the meat.


With its location highlighted in the name, this is a part rich in bone marrow, is marbled, and great for stewing into a soft, gelatinous bowl of yummy goodness.


A slightly tougher cut of meat from the lower leg region (as these muscles are very overworked) that also has a rich and deep flavour. We have removed sinews found at the base too, so it is ready for slow-cooking or braising.


Essentially connective tissues obtained from the leg region, they add a rich, beefy taste to soups, and are perfect for stocks and sauces. Consider adding them to your stew if you want some chewiness from slow-cooking these tendons.

Butcher's Choice

Meat Pang | AU Flank Steak

AUS Flank Steak

Available cuts: Sliced, minced, steak, whole slab

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Meat Pang - USA Boneless Shortrib Shabu-shabu

USA Boneless Bull Shortrib - Shabu-shabu

Available cuts: Shabu shabu, bone-in, sliced, minced, cubed

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Meat Pang - AUS Wagyu MB5

AUS Wagyu MB5

Available cuts: Sliced, minced, cubed, steak cut, whole slab

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Awesome fresh steaks at reasonable price points, my family & friends love them! Will definitely order again 🙌


Great service and was helpful in recommendations for cuts. Prompt delivery. Reasonable prices. Will order again. Thank you!


Don’t miss it, my fellow beef lovers!


Definitely gonna get some more Hokkaido Wagyu A5 again! It’s not available all the time so we were very happy we managed to get 1kg of it!