Meat Pang | 肉冯知己

Meat Pang - Main logo
Meat Pang started out as a small, humble butchery stall in 448 Clementi Market when the market was first built in 1980. Originally founded by senior Mr Pang as “Fresh Beef Supplier”, he wanted to provide the freshest beef at the most affordable prices to residents around the Clementi neighbourhood.

More than four decades later and continuing the legacy left behind by senior Mr Pang, our friendly Pang junior still manages this simple wet market stall, while keeping his father’s promise to nearby residents – to ensure that his customers get the most premium beef, without paying a premium price.

Pang junior’s adventurous spirit and drive to expand his horizons culminated in this 2021 venture into the digital space and all other parts of Singapore as Meat Pang. No longer confined to the wet market stall, Meat Pang aims to make fresh beef more easily available through online orders via our website and WhatsApp.

Meat Pang strives to nurture good relations with our customers, and be our customers’ friendly and dependable provider of premium, fresh beef at competitive prices – because we know that’s what we want, and still believe in.