Orders/ Contact

How can I place an order or contact Meat Pang?

While we are wiring up the website for a more seamless meat shopping experience, you can drop us a message or call on WhatsApp at +65 9129 2874.

When will my order be confirmed? Can I place advanced orders?

Please allow a minimum of one working day for us to process your order. Orders received before 5pm will be processed on the day itself, and delivered the next working day. We also take orders up to four weeks in advance! If you have further requests such as a bulk purchase, partnership, or advanced order more than one month in advance, please drop us a message on WhatsApp, at +65 9129 2874.

Is there a minimum order before I can make an online purchase?

The minimum order required for an online purchase is $50. Why not order above $100 and get free islandwide delivery?

What are my payment options?

We prefer you PayNow, or do cash-on-delivery (COD). Credit card payments bear extra charges - let’s save that for meat.

I am a restaurant/ stall owner and would like to get beef supply from Meat Pang. How can I contact you?

You can drop us a WhatsApp message at +65 9129 2874, or an email at hello@meatpang.sg. It would be good to state the type of meat cuts you are interested in, and we can advise you accordingly then.

There are missing items in my order. What should I do?

If we got your order mixed up, call us at +65 9129 2874 or drop us an email at hello@meatpang.sg. Let us know the items that are missing or wrong, and do include photographs if possible. Meat Pang will commit to rectifying the mis-steak as soon as possible.


What are your delivery timings?

There are two delivery time slots to choose from: 1 to 5pm, and 7 to 9pm. We deliver daily from Tuesday to Sunday (including public holidays). Meat Pang does not deliver on Mondays - we need to beef up our supplies and rest!

What are the delivery charges? Can I do self collection?

We are committed to providing quality beef for all at affordable prices. For orders less than $100, there will be an additional $10 delivery charge. We recommend that you order your beef online as some cuts may not be readily available at the physical store. We will deliver fresh beef right to your doorstep just as we have done for restaurants and food stalls in Singapore over the past decades.

I have placed an order and selected my delivery time. Can I still change it, and how?

Yes you may! You may change your delivery schedule through a text or call to us via WhatsApp, at +65 9129 2874 - just let us know your new preferred date and time. However, do let us know at least one day before the scheduled delivery day so we can make the arrangements.

What if no one is around to receive the order at the selected delivery timing?

You will receive a message on the estimated time of delivery on the scheduled date. If you will not be home to receive it and would like to arrange for an alternative delivery date and time, contact us at +65 9129 2874 at least 1 day in advance. We seek your kind understanding that we can only wait a maximum of 10 minutes should there be no one to receive the delivery. Leaving the fresh beef at your door is not a recommended practice - we want you to have it fresh!

If I am not home, can the package be left outside my door?

Our products are freshest without unnecessary exposure to heat. We highly recommend that the product be refrigerated immediately upon arrival. Don’t worry, we will work with you to get that delivery received - if it has to be the friendly neighbour, why not?

Product Enquiries

Are your products frozen, defrosted or chilled?

Popular beef cuts such as ribeye, lean beef, sirloin, and tenderloin are chilled, while thinner beef cuts such as shabu shabu are frozen to maintain their freshness. Check out the respective product item description for more information!

How long can I keep the meat?

Fresh beef can be kept in the fridge for up to three days, while frozen meat can last for a longer time. However, we do not recommend keeping frozen meat for more than a month as the meat may start to lose its flavour over time.

How long can the chilled meat last?

We recommend that you try to cook the chilled meat products within three to four days. If you intend to store the product for later use, freeze it once you receive it and it should last between two to three months.

How do I know the meat is fresh?

Our supplies arrive in Singapore weekly via air freight - it’s as fresh as we can get them!

How do I know the meat delivered to my doorstep is fresh?

Prior to delivery to your home, our products are kept in a suitable cold environment in our facility before it is portion-cut and vacuum-sealed for you. Once the products are out for delivery, our refrigerated truck will ensure they remain chilled and fresh.

The colour of my beef looks darker/ lighter - is it safe for consumption?

Vacuum-packed meat will appear in a darker colour due to its lack of exposure to oxygen. This will not affect the freshness of the meat. As long as the texture of the meat is not slimy or sticky, and the beef does not give off a strong foul smell, it is safe for consumption.

Can I request for beef products that are not listed on the website?

We also sell products such as beef tripe and beef liver, subjected to stock availability. If there is a particular beef cut that you are looking for that is not listed on the website, drop us a message via WhatsApp at +65 9129 2874 and we will advise on the product availability.

Where are your products from?

The chilled beef available in our store are predominantly from Australia and New Zealand. For more information on where our products are from, do check out the individual product pages to find out more.