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You have the best, premium beef cuts from Pang, and you are one step away from a perfectly elevated dinner for a date or your partner who needs pampering. Wondering what else would complete the meal? Beef and wine, like a husband and his wife, undoubtedly go best together. A luscious, tender bite of steak accompanied with some smooth wine on a Friday night with your loved ones… Doesn’t that sound divine?

Most of us may know the basic tip of pairing red meat with red wine due to the robustness of both, but with such a wide variety of red wines and beef cuts available and a myriad of ways we prepare our beef, selecting the correct combination feels like an elusive task. Beyond the rule of thumb that we pair red wines with red meat, the level of fat and choice of seasoning matters when selecting your pairings. Other key considerations include the sweetness, acidity, tannin, alcohol, and body, which form the five basic characteristics of wine.

A rich, nicely marbled cut of meat (that will also feel more juicy to the bite due to the fat) should be enjoyed with a heavier, more robust wine like Shiraz from Australia or Spain, or the Cabernet Sauvignon. This way, the bold flavours of both the meat and wine will complement each other nicely. 

Raring to go for your next dinner party? We have prepared a quick and easy wine pairing guide that will complement the gorgeous cuts of premium meats we have here at Meat Pang:

Meat Pang - Wine pairings

Red wines are characteristically higher in their levels of tannins -- a chemical that has a drying effect and can also be found in teas, which can taste harsh on their own. Due to this astringent property that red wines possess as a result, pairing them with the fattier, richer tasting meats allow them to enhance the flavours of the meat while balancing the bitterness of the wine. In summary, you will want to pair stronger-tasting wines with bolder-tasting cuts of beef.

As for seasonings, look no further than kitchen staples of salt and pepper. Not only do they render a steak extremely versatile, they can be accompanied with nearly any wine. Meat that incorporates spice and zest in its marinade or sauce should be complemented with a sweet, delicious and wallet-friendly Zinfandel from California. Picture this: your beautifully seared sirloin or flank steak glistening before you, while you enjoy sips of bold and fruity Malbec to reward yourself for surviving the long week. Sounds ideal? We think so too!

Also, meat our stars featured above, all available from Meat Pang:

Meat Pang - Aus Wagyu MB5 SpotlightGenerously marbled Australian wagyu
Meat Pang - AUS/NZ Ribeye Spotlight
Tender ribeye steaks

Meat Pang - Aus/NZ Sirloin Spotlight
Versatile and lean sirloin steak

Meat Pang - Wagyu burger patties spotlight
Wagyu patties with great texture

Creating your most-loved meat and wine pair is really to constantly experiment and remember the combinations that you fancy. This just means more parties and more fun, what are you waiting for? Order from us now!

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