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While Meat Pang can get you the freshest and most premium meat cuts, did you know we have some recipes up our sleeves too? With the annual monsoon season in Singapore bringing about the rains and cooler weather, we reckon some stews will be a perfect feature at the dinner table on a rainy evening. Our favourite? Beef stew!

Beef stew
Imagine a comforting pot of beef stew brimming with hearty carrots and soft potatoes, and we are sure it will bring warmth (both literally and emotionally) to you and your family. A dish suitable for both young and old, we are confident it will leave your family with both your hearts and bellies full.

Meat Pang - Beef Stew (shutterstock)Warm beef stew on a rainy day definitely warms our hearts (Image: Shutterstock)


Depending on your preference, we recommend either the brisket or shoulder cuts as they are great for stewing due to connective tissues that they contain. The brisket that we have flown in from both Australia and New Zealand is a flavourful cut. Although with a lot of connective tissues that are tough on their own, these connective tissues break down deliciously into soft gelatine upon slow cooking.

Also on our menu is the shoulder cut that is slightly tougher, but still sufficiently fatty enough to create delicious and tender bites of meat after stewing for at least two hours. For a good stew, an investment of at least two to three hours will be more than worth it, trust us. Hungry? Let’s cook this together.

Meat Pang - Beef stew recipe

2.5 hours needed, with no complicated ingredients or steps

Select the “cubed” option for your preferred cut of beef when placing your order with us, and all you will need to do is simply toss the beef cubes in a bowl. No need for more cutting, or extra mess on the chopping block! In this bowl, you should have both flour and pepper, and ensure the beef cubes are evenly coated.

Meat Pang - Beef shoulder

Meat Pang’s beef shoulder, also available cubed or minced

Once you have coated all your beef cubes, heat up 3 teaspoonfuls of olive oil in a large crock pot suitable for long stewing. Add your beef cubes into the pot in batches to ensure things do not get too crowded in the pot, so they can be evenly browned on all sides. Feel free to add in more oil as needed between batches if you notice the beef cubes starting to stick to the bottom.

This step of searing is crucial as it begins to build the deep, and rich flavour you want in your stew (and also because stewing raw beef just won’t cut it). Continue to sear your beef cubes for about five minutes each batch, until you achieve a dark crust forming on all sides of the cubes.

Meat Pang - Searing
Sear your beef for that nice brown crust (Image: Shutterstock)

We then shift our focus to the stew, removing the seared beef cubes from the pot before adding our red wine and red wine vinegar in. Cook over medium-high heat, scraping the pan with a wooden spoon to loosen the delicious browned bits. If you have children, fret not, this deglazing method will lower the alcohol content and seek to only deepen the flavour of your stew.

After deglazing, add your beef broth, beef cubes and your herbs, bay leaves and dried thyme. Bring to a boil, and proceed to lower the fire and have it reduced to a slow simmer.
Cover your pot and cook, removing the layer of oil that appears on top from time to time. It should take about 1.5 hours before the beef is juicy and tender, and you can take this time to finish up any other dishes you may be preparing.
Pang’s tip: When it comes to stews, the longer it is left to stew, the better it gets. Cook this a day in advance for a more full-bodied flavour.

With dinner time about 30 to 40 minutes away, add in your onions and carrots and let them soften, should take you about 10 minutes. Then, incorporate your cubed potatoes and simmer until all the contents in the pot are softened and tender, which should take the remaining 20 to 30 minutes before serving. If your pot looks a little dry, do add in more broth or water to prevent it from drying out further.

Season generously with salt and pepper and adjust to your liking before garnishing with parsley or coriander. Ladle your beef stew into four bowls and serve with a side of rice or sliced baguettes and enjoy the beefy goodness!

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